Indie 1031 sets the rules…

Comon’ face it you know that this radio station is by far the best station on the planet! haha…ok, let me keep my ego in check, but seriously, if you like good music *Not saying every song is perfect, but overall, really good music and music that’s different, then Indie’s got your back. I feel really fortunate to be able to work with such a great group of seriously talented individuals. Anyhow, hope you feel the same way and keep checking out my show on the Sunday mornings. If you have a request, please get it to me at CB@CHRISTIANB.COM and let me know what you would like to hear…or if you have any favorite bands that I should be playing…local or otherwise! Speak soon…xx, Christian

Posted Monday, September 18th, 2006

Hong Kong

Hi all…Just wanted to drop a note from the Far East! Yes, I’m looking over Hong Kong Harbour as I write listening to Royksopp. This place is insane…The club/bar scene is pretty out of control. Everyobody’s insanely into music here…There’s a wicked little area called Lan Kwai Fong where pretty much everyone goes to party/drink/eat. The radio here is mostly un-regulated, (No FCC) so you’ll hear about anything you can imagine all mixed up, some crap, but some really cool stuff too. Nothing quite like Indie though…OF COURSE! Anyhow, I hope to discover some cool new tunes to play on my shows when I’m back. Off to Japan in a couple days, can’t wait to see what Tokyo has to offer.

For those that are going…have fun at Coachella! Hope you’ve been enjoying the shows!

Posted Tuesday, April 25th, 2006



Sun, February 11

Show # 135
(Music Director- Simon Rust Lamb)

  1. Ms. John Soda
  2. Minmae
    Wayward Scout
  3. Donovan
    Happiness Runs
  4. Alison Moyet
    Wishing You Were Here
  5. Enigma
    Principles Of Lust
  6. Danny Strauss
    Half The Way Home
  7. Efterklang
  8. The Album Leaf
    Another Day
  9. Damien Rice
  10. Sebastian Teller
  11. KD Lang
    Constant Craving
  12. M83
    Beauties Can Die
  13. Cirque du Soleil
    Rain One
  14. Blue States
    Sad Song
  15. Lali Puna
    Faking The Books
  16. Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    San Jose
  17. Martin Gore
    Motherless Child
  18. Zero 7
    Speed Dial No. 2
  19. Bloc Party
    Blue Light
  20. Colleen
  21. Flunk
    Blue Monday
  22. Judith Martin
    Ready To Go
  23. The Golden Republic
    Rows Of People
  24. Olive
    Your Not Alone
  25. Jack Johnson
  26. Kings Of Convenience
    I'd Rather Dance With You
  27. Minotaur Shock
    The Broads
  28. Athlete
    One Million
  29. Frou Frou
    Must Be Dreaming
  30. Mellowdrone
    Fashionably Uninvited
  31. Death In Vegas
    Hands Around My Throat
  32. Nina Simone
    Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix)
  33. Charlie Mars
    Silver Buttons
  34. Morcheeba
    Big Calm